Written and Directed by: Sirena Irwin

Principal cast:

Jim: Ian Gregory

Ruth: Sirena Irwin


Producers: Sirena Irwin and Ana Yazdi-Head

Production Manager: Ana Yazdi-Head

Production Consultant: Melinda Woolf

Script Supervisor: Tony Sanders

Acting Consultant: Clare Carey

1st A.D.: Ben Eisenbise

2nd A.D.: Jeff Cameron

3rd A.D.: Clare Carey

Director of Photography: Shawn Dufraine

Gaffer: Melinda Woolf

Gaffer (end title sequence): Robert Hooven

Key Grip: Jim Sicignano

Grip: Fred Nolan

Camera Assistant/Loader: Jacob Baas

2nd Camera Assistant: Andy Lee

Intro. Montage Camera: Michael Angelo

Still Photography: Ben Eisenbise

Additional Still Photography: Dave Heman

Production Design: Joe Warson

Art Department: Steve Scardino

Make-up Artist: Jeff Seastone

Whacked Magazine Design: Sirena Irwin and Michael Angelo

Sound Recordist: Pat Toma

Boom Operator: Jeff Cameron

Editor: Michael Angelo

Preliminary Picture Edit: Muhammed Luqman

Telecine Colorist: Jeff Shaw

Sound Supervisor: Jon Null

Sound Designer: Al Nelson

Sound Mixer: Juan Peralta

Production Assistants: Angela Davis, Jeff Britting

Craft Service: Robin Carpenter

Security: Bobby "the Man"

Dungeon Hallway Actors:

Dominatrix: Michelle Dawn Johnson

Slave: As Himself

Jungle Man (Kevin): Nicholas Kadi

Camouflage Girl (Lucy): Shea Alexander

Pony Girl: As Herself

Pony Trainer: Jake Pierson

Big Pink Babe: Kelly

Intro. Collage Actors:

Bully/Booty whacker: Michael Angelo

Quarrelling Couple: Chris Jui

Tanja Palmers

Sucker Punchee: Joe Parrilli

Drunk Guy at Bar: Kevin Lee Smith

Hot Booty: Ana Yazdi-Head


Interior Music Score and Performance: Archives of Melancholy

Intro. Collage Music and Performance: Jimbo Head, Bed Head Music

Drums for Intro. Music Spanking: Ben Redfern

First Interior Song Composition and Performance: Phil Gough, Tiki King Music

Fantasy Songs During Spanking:

"Turn Around": Phil Gough and Mark Fontana, Tiki King Music

"I Need Somebody": Phil Gough, Tiki King Music (sung by: Sirena Iwin)

Song in Dungeon Hallway:

"Step On Me", composed and performed by Jimbo Head and Phil Gough, Tiki King Music

End Credit Roll Song: "Splash" performed by Remoter (@remoter.com)

Written by: Andrew Fleig, copyright 2000

Filmed with


Cameras and Lenses

All film provided by:


Skywalker Sound
, a division of

Lucas Digital, Ltd.

Marin County, California

Processing by


Telecine Services

Level 3 Post

This film could not have been made without the support, generosity and belief of:

Jennifer Kuwabara at Panavision Hollywood

Candace Chapman at Kodak

Mike Callahan at Paskall Lighting

Jon Null at Skywalker Sound

Food and Goodies Donated By: Urth Café, Peet's Coffee, Noah's Bagels, Fabiolus Café, La Brea Bakery & Prizzi's!

Very Special Thanks to:
Glen Kiser and Marnie Cunha @ Skywalker Sound, Sir James and all the ladies at The Chateau, The Village at Ed Gould Plaza - LA Gay and Lesbian Center, Sharyn Blumenthal, Mary Casey, Simon Harvey, Jeff Britting, Amaryllis, Dan, Lou Weinert, Sheila Smith, Marie Bolton, Robbie Proctor, Ernie Evangelista, O'Reilly's, North End Café, Bruce Smith, Jamie Ducat, Suzanne Mitre, Irene Trachtenberg, Derek, Chris Perez, John Kirby, Mitchell Welch & Alan Cloninger @ Rednavel fLmworx, Scott Allen Perry, Chris Bauer and the peeps at Olive Street Digital, Spencer Rogers, Dana Rossini, Jenny Judelle, Mike Brake, Margaret Irwin-Brandon, Nadel Drissi, John Irwin, Alice McClelland, all of our friends and families and ESPECIALLY everybody who's on the credit list for donating their valuable time and energy!!!!!!

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 © 2002

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