Sirena Irwin, director/writer/producer/"Ruth":

Sirena has directed and written various theatre spectacles and, recently, a show that she co-created was picked up by HGTV for a pilot. As an actor she has had leads in several independent films, has guest and co-starred on various sitcoms, co-hosted a Comedy Central pilot, and she recurs as multiple voices on "Spongebob Squarepants" and on TNN's "Stripperella". She performed with the San Francisco Shakespeare Festival and appeared at Comedy Clubs with the acclaimed sketch comedy trio, Nude Coffee. She led a transient life as a child, but settled down for college and graduated Phi Beta Kappa with degrees in International Relations and Theatre. "Whacked" is Sirena's directorial debut in the film medium.

Ian Gregory, "Jim":

Ian has been an actor for more than twenty years. Among his special skills: physical comedy, voice-overs, handles a gun, can tail a car, floor waxing and high dusting, former oil line worker (Alaska). That about sums it up. Ian has been on many T.V. shows in the guest and co-star capacity, has performed extensively in regional theatre and has graced the silver screen on more than one occasion. Check out:

Shawn Dufraine, D.P.:

After graduating from USC, Shawn began work on major feature films and commercials in the camera department. He served as an apprentice under various "photographers" such as Russell Carpenter, Jean Baptiste Mondino, David La Chapelle and Jean-Yves Escoffier. After serving his sentence in the camera dept. he started shooting videos for local bands and then moved on to national commercials, short films and independent features. He shot an award winning campaign for MTV and is currently a level 5 vegan who kills nothing with a shadow.

Michael Angelo, Editor:

After graduating from San Francisco State, Michael went straight to work with the big dogs. First there was THX at Lucas Film where he compiled research on the THX certification that you find on DVD's today. Then he enjoyed a brief yet exciting stint at ILM shadowing Ken Ralston (supervisor of special effects). Next, Michael Freelanced at "Goodby, Silverstein and Partners" until he found a staff job at PVR in San Francisco where he specialized in effects and compositing. He's now at Rough House Editorial where he works on various commercials, music videos, industrials and films! Surfing the sweet waves of Stinson is one of his many passions. Check out:

Ana Yazdi-Head, Producer:

"Whacked" is Ana's first experience on a film set and it was a trial by fire!! Although she's an aspiring photographer, she has spent many years in the healing arts (she's a graduate of the New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics), she recently co-created a T.V. show that's been bought by HGTV and she's an upstart rap star. Multi-talented? You bet!! She grew up just outside of Washington DC in Virginia, and has traveled extensively across the United States photo documenting all of her trips.

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